Monday, October 23, 2006

My weekend in the spotlight

I don't know if I felt like I haven't been getting enough attention lately or what, but I spent most of my weekend in front of people. You'd think I was trying to run for election or something with all the face time I was getting.

First, on Saturday morning Brandon's school had their Fall Festival. The kids had fun. Their favorite part was the Chik-fil-A mascot walking around.

I don't think that's because it was boring.
I think that's because they're easily amused. :)
Like me.

We only stayed for about an hour and then Brandon and I took of for our Roadshow dress rehearsal. I had been worried about how it would go for the last couple of weeks because our practices have been so bad, but I think it actually went well. We performed for some judges and then had a couple of hours to run home.

I had been asked to speak in church on Sunday, and had been working on my talk all week. I'm one of those weirdos who actually enjoys speaking in Sacrament meeting, but this time it was so hard to prepare. It shouldn't have been. I was assigned to speak on faith. Doesn't get more basic than that. I was asked to base my talk on President Hinckley's conference address from earlier this month. I had the hardest time finding a balance between just reading his talk verbatim and not taking enough from his talk and just sharing other thoughts from the scriptures on faith. It was very trying, but I managed to finish it in the couple of hours before we had to be back at the church for the Roadshow Performance.

It went really well. It was fun being on stage. I didn't realize how bright those lights are in your face, though. Honestly, I couldn't even see the audience because I was being blinded. It was kind of comforting, actually, and I wasn't even nervous. Our ward won awards for Outstanding Child vocal performance, Outstanding Small Ensemble Acting (for one scene with a bunch of teenage girls), and Outstanding makeup. I think the teenage girls with the green masques clinched that one for us. Our show was an informercial for a gadget that helps you find things that you've lost. I played a mother of a bunch of rowdy children. I know, I know it was a big stretch for me. It really tested my acting abilities. :) Brandon got to play one of my seven children. He was a natural. We were in a grocery store check-out line and I couldn't find my debit card. I got to sing a solo to the tune of "Do, a deer, a female deer. Re, a drop of golden sun."

I don't have any pictures of myself OR my seven children.
These were some of the other cast members.

On Sunday I gave my talk in Sacrament meeting. After all the agonizing and doubting myself, it ended up going well. There was one woman in the congregation who was so fun to talk to. She was completely attentive and would nod along with some of the things I said. I had to go up to her and thank her for making it easier to give my talk. Even though I do get nervous to speak there, it's more of a fun, thrill-seeking, nervous than a dreaded, I-hate-this, type of nervous. Does that make sense?

Brandon had another turn in the spotlight this week, too. Not in a good way. He got sent to the principal's office for the first time. Bummer. Friday, on the bus on the way to school, a little boy kept coughing in Brandon's face. He asked the little boy to stop several times, but he kept doing it. Brandon got sick of it, took the hat off the little boy's head, and threw it across the bus. I guess that have VERY strict rules about that on the bus, because he got sent to the principal's office when he got to school. I don't know what was said, but his teacher said he was very emotional about it the rest of the day. Poor little guy. I kind of don't blame him. Who wants a sick kid coughing in their face???


Jayne said...

Glad that all of your performances went well! I don't mind public speaking; I had just mentioned to Tommy yesterday that I'd like to take a class and get better at it, though.

I always think it's good for kids to get up in front of people, whether it is to act, speak , or play music. It's good to get the practice whenever you can.

Laurie said...

Poor Brandon. I'm impressed he just tossed the hat. I think I would have stuffed the hat into the kid's coughing mouth.

What a weekend for you. I think it's great that you enjoy speaking and performing.