Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Weekly happenings

Per Destiny's request, here's a pic of B-train riding his bike all by himself without training wheels. See? I wasn't even making it up. :)

He is awesome on his bike and loves riding it now. Yippee!
One of my friends was telling me today that she remembers when she first learned to ride a bike and how fun and exciting and unforgetabble that feeling is. I don't remember it, do you? I remember riding a 10-speed for the first time and feeling like such a big girl, but that's it. And I remember breaking Paul's arm when Celeste and I were trying to teach him how to ride. He probably wishes he COULD forget that memory.

Anyway, we had a beautiful, summery day today. I think the high was like 80. It is the complete opposite of what Amy and Dave are experiencing in Colorado. They just posted a pic on their blog that looks like a foot or more of snow in the backyard. Crazy!

So I took the kids and one of B's friends to the park.
We played on the playground, blew bubbles...

and fed the geese and ducks.
Very fun afternoon.

Then we had our last roadshow practice before our performance on Saturday. I hope it goes ok. There were still lots of kinks to be worked out.

Potty training with Whitney has gone downhill. I guess after that first amazing week, I thought we were home free. She even did really well in Utah and throughout our travels, but this week has been bad. She stills goes on the potty a couple of times a day, but also goes in her diaper several times. I guess we'll still have to go through a process here. She's normal. Darn.

My weekly questions from LOST:
Did you think Locke was really going to shoot that guy in the woods? I couldn't tell. It made me nervous.
What's up with Desmond? Is he psychic now? Andrew thinks he might be teaming up with Locke and/or the Others. I thought maybe something happened from the electromagnetic forces to make him "see the future" and know what Locke's speech would say.
There are more polar bears on the island? We had polar bears in the zoo in Tucson, AZ, so I guess it's possible.
Why isn't Hurley being more adamant about passing on the message from the Others to stay away? Is he nuts? Oh, wait. Yes, he really is nuts.


Amy said...

I tried watching Lost last week, but was completely, well...lost. It seems like a hard show to start watching right now when I haven't been before. Should I give it a chance?
My memory of learning to ride a bike isn't a very good one. I think I was showing my mom or brother or someone I could do it without training wheels and when a car started coming down the road I got too close to the curb and hit it and crashed.

Jayne said...

I don't remember learning to ride a bike but I do remember leaving my bike lie flat in the driveway and my father backed over it with his vehicle. Crunch and good-bye bike.

Sandy said...

Cool ride, Brandon! Did I ever tell you my brother's name is Brandaan? I like that name:) Hang in there on the potty training -- it took weeks and months for my kids to work through all the backtracking, then finally, one day, it was done. No diapers, no accidents, not even any wetting the bed. She'll get there! I kept telling myself, "She won't be wearing diapers when she's 7". That's kind of my mantra --"He won't still be nursing when he's 7", "She won't put pickles in the speakers when she's 7", "He won't play in the toilet when he's 7", you get the idea:) Helps keep these little setbacks in perspective;)

Laurie said...

I missed your last post. What a beautiful drive. Great outings.

I do remember learning to ride a bike. I remember being very cranky with my dad b/c I didn't like to fall, but I do remember the exhilaration of getting it. I was a big bike rider though. I rode almost every day for years.

The Hallstrom Family said...

Brandon looks like such a stud.

And Locke training his rifle on that guy had ME nervous, too. Do you think he would really shoot him?? I thought the dream sequence was pretty funky as well. And the polar bear's back!

Dave said...

This is the first time I've checked this blog and not seen a new entry.