Sunday, October 15, 2006

Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

Here are the pictures that we took when we went up the canyon with Andrew's parents and sister, Amy. I guess it was actually past peak season for the leaves, but it was still beautiful. This canyon is where they quarried a lot of the granite to build the Salt Lake Temple. You could even see that some of the stones still had markings from the tools where they had been cut. Pretty cool.

Whitney walking with her Daddy

Andrew and Me
I forgot how beautiful the mountains are!
We don't have anything that looks like this in NC.
Of course they don't have anything as green as us,
so I guess there are always trade-offs.
I enjoy the beauty in both places.

There was a beautiful clear stream running in the back.

Amy and baby Jack.
Whitney took this picture. Pretty good, huh?
(Ok, I helped her a little, but she pressed the button.)

Andrew's parents

Brandon and Whit
Too bad it was a patch day.
It's just a LITTLE distracting. :)

Getting a good picture of a 2 year old, six month old,
and a 5 year old is nearly impossible.
But it was fun to try.


Jayne said...

You're so right about the different sceneries between East Coast and West Coast; both beautiful but so different.

That looks like a gorgeous canyon.

Sandy said...

Great pictures - I'm especially impressed that you remembered to get some of you and Andrew together - I always forget to do the "grown-up" pictures! The one of Andrew and Whitney is so cute!

Amy said...

I think I should just refer everyone on my blog to look at yours for a more detailed log of the trip. You do a great job.

grandpa hiatt said...

What patch? All I see is a
pretty little girl.

Laurie said...

I'm glad you posted your pics. I love to see fall leaves. You guys always look great.

Denny & Joe said...

I have loved all of your photos in the last few posts. Everyone's so good looking.