Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Yummy dessert, picnic lunch

Do you ever feel like your life revolves around food? Sometimes I do. Here is the yummy treat I made for FHE last night. It was kind of my own creation, but inspired by a recipe I got out of kraft's food and family magazine.
I crushed up some oreo's and put them in the bottom. Then a layer of white chocolate pudding. Then another layer of oreos and a layer of cherry pie filling. Then chocolate pudding, cherries, and topped it off with more oreos. It was so yummy! And, of course, really easy. I don't know how to make anything hard! :)
Andrew gave our family home evening lesson. It was a review of general conference and what we can do in our family with the things we learned. When he asked Brandon his favorite story, Brandon thought for a minute and then said, "Oh. I know. It's the one where the little boy told his dad to move the mountains with the priesthood. That was so funny!" I was really impressed that he remembered that. We hadn't brought it up since listening to it the first time. Whitney said her favorite part was, "President Hinckley!" Again, impressed that neither of them said, "M&M's!" which is probably what I would've said at their age.
Since it's the start of a new month, my kids got their fun money for the month. They earn money for cleaning the play room each night and for staying out of time out. (Brandon already lost that one for the day.) We put their money in piggy banks and then count it up at the end of the month. They pay tithing on it, put 20% in savings, and then they get to do whatever they want the rest. Brandon almost always spends his on candy. Whitney usually saves hers throughout the month and buys little toys or stickers at the dollar store on occasion. (Or 10 cent play-doh if she can find it!) Well, today she had her heart set on buying teacups. I don't know where that came from, but she woke up asking to do that. I had to go grocery shopping, so we looked for teacups at Super Walmart and found a set for $2.84. She had $4 fun money, so it was perfect. She held them in the basket while I did my grocery shopping and as soon as we got home, she wanted to, "put water in them."

So we had this cute little "tea" party in the backyard after we got home.

The weather was SO gorgeous (I swear it feels like summer came back!) that we decided to have a picnic lunch out in the backyard. It has been a great morning.


The Hallstrom Family said...

Yummmmm . . .

Jonas also spent his allowance money yesterday. He's been saving up for a "Doodle Monster" he can draw on--but then, of course, Mom has to put it in the washer before he can draw on it again. But he was a happy boy.

Laurie said...

When I saw that picture I immediately thought - Kraft Foods! What a yummy one. I love that magazine.

I love the fun money idea. I've been trying to come up with a new way to motivate Clayton. I think that's a good one. Our train chart is sorta losing interest at the moment.

Sandy said...

That looks SOOOOOOOOOO good!!! I don't think that would jive with my diet, though:) Thanks for the ideas about "fun money". We've been considering some sort of an allowance, but weren't sure how to allocate it. Thanks:)

Sister Sweat said...

Ever since dad and I came home from visiting you last month we've been buying and eating large quantities of ice cream because it was so much fun having ice cream with you at night! And now tempting picture of dessert - You're getting good at drawing on patches AND cooking AND photography AND writing!