Thursday, October 05, 2006

TV is back!

"Lost" has got to be my favorite show on TV. No other show can make me scared, excited, nervous, confused, or happy like that one. The premiere for this season was last night and Andrew even made it home from Bishopric in time to watch it with me. We groan every time it ends--isn't there more??? Who is the blond girl that was interviewing Jack? She looks familiar, but I can't place her. Does Henry Gale freak you out? I get chills just looking at him. I was so scared for Kate when he told her, "The next two weeks are not going to be pleasant..." Yikes! If you're a LOST watcher, what were your thoughts on the show? My friend, Nicolle, and I were talking before the show started about how high our expectations were. Mine were met! Great show.

A new show started last night, too, called THE NINE. Did anyone give that a shot? The previews looked so intriguing, so Andrew and I gave it a try. I don't know if I'll stick with it or not. The character development looks like it will be really good, but there were a couple of skanky things in there they didn't need to include.

In other happenings around here, I got my application in for BYU!!!

In looking over the requirements, there is no way it can be easier for me to finish my degree anywhere else. I completed 97.5 credits while I was there, so I think I'll have around 33 left. (They can't tell me until I'm officially admitted). If I do get in, I'll get my Bachelor's in General Studies with an emphasis in Psychology. I've never really been interested in Psychology, but they don't have any biological sciences available, and this was the emphasis I had the most credits toward. :) All of the coursework will be done online.

The funny part about the application process is that you need an ecclesiastical endorsement from your Bishop as part of your application. I called Andrew at work, "Um. Do I need to schedule an appointment with your executive secretary, or can you just interview me at home?" He said he could do it at home. Phew. But he did put on a white shirt and tie to be official. I think I passed the interview.

And the other big, exciting news is that Brandon learned to ride his bike without training wheels. Yeah for him! We took them off a few weeks ago, but he's been afraid to ride it ever since. On Tuesday after work, we met Andrew at a park that has flat walking trails and took his bike along. He rocked! The hard part about riding around our neighborhood is that there are so many hills. He starts going too fast and is afraid he'll wreck. And it's a legitimate fear. So the flat trails were perfect. One of the trails makes a loop around the playground, so Andrew and I would take turns playing with Whit while the other made sure there were no major wrecks on the bike. He did awesome. Yesterday the first thing he said when he got home from school: "Mom, can I ride my bike?"


Sandy said...

Yay for you! That will be so great to have your degree done! How long do you think it will take? And yay for Brandon! He's officially capable of being independent now -- he can leave faster than you can catch him without a vehicle of your own:)

Andi's Dad said...

Congrats to Brandon for the bike riding. I am excited for your decision to work on your degree. But, psychology? I hope you do better in that than I did. I took a correspondence course at USU in psychology (pre-internet) and barely passed. But, you are the brains in the family and should do fine.

destiny said...

I'm so glad you posted a pic of the byu logo and not of my first nephew riding his bike without training wheels!!! :)

great-grandpa hiatt said...

Today, no training wheels
Tomorrow: his own Jeep

andrea said...

I know that seems messed up to not post a pic of B-train on his bike. I took a couple, but it was getting dark, so they turned out terrible. You can barely see him. I'll try again later. :)

Dave said...

I would have guessed that Brandon had his training wheels off several years ago. He's such a tough and coordinated kid.

Laurie said...

I watched Lost and The Nine. I enjoyed them both, but on further thought I was a little disturbed by how disturbed I was as I went to bed. I guess I felt a little overwhelmed by the tormenting, kidnapping, murder, mystery, was a bit much for me. I don't think I can continue with the Nine. I think that with Lost will be too much.

The blonde in Lost has been on ER and is the wife to Tim Allen in The Santa Clause.

Aunt Karla said...

Andi I would like to get a copy of the pallbearers if you have one? Andrew did an outstanding job conducting the funeral. Mom was so pleased with it and loves it when he calls her on his way home from his church meetings. It was great yo see you! Lost is making me crazy! thanks Aunt Karla